Master Carlos Feliciano - 7th


Was born in May 24th 1979, direct student from Master Marcílio Nogueira, started his course at this noble martial art at, March 1st 1987, in Associação de Hapkido do Brasil - Academia Park.

Pertaining to 2nd direct generation of Hapkido in Brazil, he received in 1994, under supervision of Grandmaster Park Sung Jae, Master Marcílio Nogueira and Master Ranulfo Amorim Bezerra, the 1st Dan graduation. In December 1996, had the first contact with Grandmaster Jae Ok Myung, creator of Hoi Jeon Moo Sool style, where he obtained his 1st Dan graduation.

Also in 1996 started to administer Hapkido classes at Academia Kickers, where until today, inquiry to transmit all his knowledge to men, women and children. During all these years of teaching had the great pleasure to graduate new instructors of this noble martial art. His students were vice-champions of the 1st Tournament of Federação Paulista de Hapkido, accomplished in October 2001, at group modality. In 2005 and 2006, his students received at total 55 medals, being 37 in gold, 13 in silver and 5 in bronze.

Participated at 1st Martial Arts Congress in Goiânia and at 1st Latin American Forum of Rescue Management (Worldwide Health Organization / Pan American Health Organization), besides the First Aid Course (Brazilian Red Cross Health Center) and additional courses of Do-in, Shiatsu and Vertebral Manipulation.

At 1st and 2nd HAPKIDO INTERTYPES STATE CHAMPIONSHIP of São Paulo State (2005-2006), promoted by LIGA NACIONAL DE HAPKIDO, he was the Champion of Black Belt 4th Dan at Byum Sool (weapons); Champion at Gum (sword); and Champion of Ho Shim Sool (strokes). At LIGA NACIONAL DE HAPKIDO NATIONAL INTERTYPES CHAMPIONSHIP (2005-2006), he was Vice-champion of Black Belt 4th Dan at Napop (rolling), Champion at Chok Sool (kicks); Champion at Byum Sool (weapons), twice Champion at Ho Shin Sool (strokes), and twice Champion at Gum (sword).

Lawyer, post graduated in Constitutional Right, he was member of Federação Paulista de Hapkido - FPH Council, and now he is the President of ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DE HAPKIDO TRADICIONAL - ANHT, Regional Director of WORLD HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION - WHA, in Brazil and Fiscal Counselor of LIGA NACIONAL DE HAPKIDO - LNH.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi












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